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The Sound Bullet (2nd gen) is the original rechargeable pocket-sized audio tester. A powerful preventative and troubleshooting audio tool that is always with you when you need it.

  • Sound Bullet
  • Jack adapter
  • Protective case
Protective case
...yeah easy to lose, give me a spare!

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The Sound Bullet is your pocket-friendly tester to help you troubleshoot and prevent issues with complex audio setups.

The 5 core functions include:

  • Generator
  • Internal Speaker
  • Phantom Power Check
  • XLR Input Metering
  • XLR Cable Tester

Always ready in your pocket or clip-on compact holster, plug it straight into XLR or DI boxes inputs, check on the other side and you are good to go!

Carefully designed by sound engineers for sound engineers, helping you maintain and secure an exceptional audio foundation for your next show.

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2 Year Warranty

Our highest interest is to make sure you are 100% happy with your Sound Bullet. Did you know the Sound Bullet is designed to withstand the challenging environments typical of live events? If you find any issues with your unit within 2 years from purchase, get in touch with us and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you continue your happy testing.

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