Miniaturised USB-C audio interface

Sound Bullet
Sound Bullet

Rechargeable pocket-sized audio tester

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Find out how the Sound Bullet and the SoundWire can streamline your workflow

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The original pocket-sized audio tester.
A powerful troubleshooting tool that is robust, reliable and portable.

  • Phantom Power check

    48V (±4V) individually metered on pins 2 and 3 of the output XLR

  • Internal Generator

    Generates pink noise or 1kHz tone. Route to the XLR, 1/4” jack or 3.5 mm mini-jack output

  • Input Metering

    Meters for signal presence and peak for operation in loud environments

  • Mini-jack output

    Plug your headphones in or route test signal here to test mini-jack lines

  • Output level selector

    Select appropriate level of output for the application, -10, -20, -40 dBu

  • Alloy chassis

    Cutting edge electronics are encased in a robust alloy chassis. The alloy casing ensures maximum endurance

  • Cable Tester

    Continuity test XLR cables

  • Balanced XLR output

    Neutrik signature, gold plated XLR balanced output

  • Balanced XLR input

    Neutrik signature, gold plated XLR balanced input

  • Jack adapter

    Compact 1/4” jack-jack adapter provided allows the Sound Bullet to be plugged straight to a DI box or instrument input/output

  • 1/4” Jack output/input

    Acts as an output to test DI boxes and input to test instruments’ outputs

  • Micro USB charging

    Recharge your Sound Bullet easily using a standard Micro-USB charger

  • Internal speaker

    Listen to signals plugged into the input XLR or 1/4” jack through the inbuilt speaker

  • Volume control

    Adjust the volume for the speaker and the mini-jack

  • USB-C charging

    Recharge your Sound Bullet easily using a standard Micro-USB charger

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How does the Sound Bullet help you?

The Sound Bullet is an extremely portable audio signal and wiring verification device, designed to bring confidence to your workflow.

Locate any faults quickly and effectively!
The Sound Bullet is a fast, powerful tool that can be used as a substitute for each element that handles audio.

Find faults quickly

The Sound Bullet gives you instant diagnosis, helping you to prevent issues with complex audio setups, before it’s too late.

Preventative tool

The 1/4” jack output can also be used as an input to listen to an instrument’s output. The compact jack-jack adaptor provided allows you to plug your Sound Bullet straight into DI Boxes, guitar/keyboard amplifiers without needing extra patch cables.

instrument signal

Designed for applications ranging from live audio reinforcement to studio recording, broadcast and television.

Sound Bullet multiple applications

Outputting the signal generator to the 3.5 mm mini-jack port will allow you to test VT audio lines for conferences. Test mini-jack lines for theatre shows before production arrives on site.

Sound Bullet: test VT audio lines

Made by audio engineers, for audio engineers.

Designed to streamline your workflow, the Sound Bullet is the perfect tool for audio engineers.

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