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SoundTools dealership

We are pleased to announce that, starting in March 2023, Sonnect will be the official Italian dealer of SoundTools products. “I love how SoundTools’ beautifully designed products streamline sound engineers’ daily tasks. As creator of the Sound Bullet and someone who still works gigs, I know firsthand how these products…

Sound Bullet in use – The battery

The most frequently asked questions we get are related to battery life and recharging. Here’s all you need to know about the Sound Bullet’s battery life, charging and how to make the most out of your audio tool!     Battery life: The Sound Bullet’s battery lasts for roughly 2 hours.…

Sound Bullet now launched… the journey so far

Hi! I’m David, founder of Sonnect and inventor of the Sound Bullet. I wanted to share my story with you, why I created the Sound Bullet and how the products I create can help you become more efficient and confident in your daily tasks as a sound engineer. I’m a sound engineer…