Mic Switcher

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Quickly select between up to three microphones using a single board channel.

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3-in, 1-out microphone selector

Easily select between 1 of 3 XLR female inputs to run to a single XLR male output. The SoundTools Mic Switcher allows a monitor engineer to switch between a spare or alternate microphone during the show and have that microphone show up on the same snake channel for front of house and monitors.

  • Four 1.5 m XLR cables (3 female and 1 male)
  • Low noise make before break (MBB) switch technology
  • All-analog unit built for professional stage and studio environments
  • Tubular switch housing fits in a mic clip


  • Package dimensions: 68 x 222 x 222 mm
  • Weight: 958 g

Compatible with

  • Analog audio (including phantom power)
  • DMX
  • AES3
  • Intercom

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