Sound Bullet in use – The battery

The most frequently asked questions we get are related to battery life and recharging. Here’s all you need to know about the Sound Bullet’s battery life, charging and how to make the most out of your audio tool!



Battery life:

The Sound Bullet’s battery lasts for roughly 2 hours. Battery discharge times and lifespan are indications which are always to be estimated since they rely on several variables and factors, including operational temperature, quality of recharge, battery overall life, etc.

During R&D we carried out several tests where we exposed the Sound Bullet to its maximum current requirements (all LEDs turned on and -10 dBu pink noise sent to the internal speaker at full volume) and in this scenario, the battery repeatedly performed for roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes – which is a considerably long time since the Sound Bullet wouldn’t be used for more than, say 20 minutes per test.


It takes roughly an hour to fully charge your Sound Bullet. We have put a lot of thought in creating a product which is robust and will last for a very long time in your busy hands. We wanted to make sure the battery lifespan would be as long as possible and one of the main factors that defeats the battery’s degradation is to allow the battery to not be charged too fast.

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How to recharge your Sound Bullet:

When the Sound Bullet is showing “low charge” (LED flashing white 3 times every 6 seconds) you should consider looking for your USB-C cable and find a spare power socket “…where did I put that cable??”.

If Sound Bullet’s battery is completely out of charge the device’s functionalities turn off and the LED flashes white 6 times every 2 seconds. It is now time to recharge your Sound Bullet. Simply plug the charger into the side port and the LED next to it will light up in red. The red LED will turn off when the battery is fully charged, unplug it and you’re good to test some bad-ass lines!


What’s the charge status of the battery:

Look out for the function LED on the top face of your Sound Bullet:

  • When the Sound Bullet’s internal battery is at 20% of its capacity the function LED will flash 3 times every 6 seconds, make a plan to recharge the Sound Bullet.


  • When the Sound Bullet is completely out of charge the core functions will be switched off and the function LED will flash 6 times every 2 seconds.

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